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How to Evolve to a Software-Defined Data Center

Intel Inside®. Powerful Data Center Outside.

You need to modernize your infrastructure as soon as possible. But first you need to find out how to get to the data center of the future without having to completely rip apart your current infrastructure.

Dell PowerEdge FX architecture powered by Intel® Xeon® processors offers IT organizations the opportunity to continue down the path of virtualization to envision—and deploy—infrastructures in which all resources are unified, abstracted, pooled and centrally orchestrated ...

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  • Keeping Up With IT Innovations

    For better IT tomorrow, you need to know today’s issues. Get a closer look at today’s most pressing IT management challenges to prepare for and implement better infrastructure. Continue Reading

  • Got Data? Take Control

    Data’s getting harder to manage, but no one wants to rip and replace. Learn how converged infrastructure eases management, improves scalability and saves energy. Continue Reading

  • Preventing ROBO Mayhem

    Many ROBOs try to save money by outsourcing IT, but this creates its own problems. Find out why converged infrastructure is a better, more cost-effective solution. Continue Reading

  • A Data Center Transformation Reality Check

    Wondering how to keep your data center on the cutting edge? Discover the top 4 data center initiatives of 2015 – as identified by your peers – IT decision makers. Continue Reading

  • As BYOD and Mobility Rise in 2015, IT Focuses on Management

    The BYOD debate is over—enterprises must deploy or be left behind. Discover how to implement a strategy without falling prey to risks such as data loss and cybercriminals. Continue Reading

  • Mobility Drives Investment in Application Performance Management

    Application performance management is becoming part of the mandate for enterprise IT. Learn why you can't afford to have applications perform at any less than optimized levels. Continue Reading

  • Optimize Your Operational Effectiveness in 3 Steps

    Converged infrastructure is the answer, but not all CI solutions are created equal. Review architectural approaches proven to minimize complexity and optimize operations. Continue Reading

  • Driving Innovation Through an Open Management Platform

    New approaches to converged infrastructure have made the setup even more powerful. See how flexible offerings give you centralized management and an open, extensible architecture. Continue Reading

  • Get Insight Into Server Performance With Converged Infrastructure

    What you don't know about your servers really can hurt you. Learn how converged infrastructure gets you real-time insight into your servers and helps you to eliminate server silos. Continue Reading

  • Survey: Virtualization Leads the Way for 2015 Desktop Initiatives

    Desktop virtualization technology is improving fast, and IT is taking notice. Learn how new developments get you better security with lower TCO, all while enabling mobility. Continue Reading

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