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How to Evolve to a Software-Defined Data Center

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You need to modernize your infrastructure as soon as possible. But first you need to find out how to get to the data center of the future without having to completely rip apart your current infrastructure.

Dell PowerEdge architecture powered by an Intel® Xeon® processor offers IT organizations the opportunity to continue down the path of virtualization to envision—and deploy—infrastructures in which all resources are unified, abstracted, pooled and centrally orchestrated ...

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  • Converged Systems, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    Converged infrastructures provide enterprises with an opportunity to be more flexible and cost effective in supporting the disaster recovery and business continuity needs of remote and branch offices (ROBOs). They also provide a unique way for small businesses to leverage highly virtualized infrastructures to similarly improve availability and mitigate the potential impact of natural disasters or man-made threats such as cyberattacks. Continue Reading

  • Windows Server 2016: Implications for Converged Solutions

    The release of any new Microsoft server operating system is always an important milestone for the entire computer industry. Windows Server 2016 is no exception. For many organizations, upgrading to Windows Server 2016 will be a trigger event that defines how they deploy infrastructure today and in the future, ranging from data centers to remote and branch offices (ROBOs) and to the cloud. Continue Reading

  • Analyzing Your Infrastructure: Leveraging Data to Get Infrastructure Insights

    In today’s IT-driven business environment, organizations need every edge they can get, particularly in managing and deploying infrastructure and cloud resources. When the IT department can reduce costs, increase availability, enhance agility or improve productivity, it can make significant contributions to supporting innovation and driving profitability. Continue Reading

  • Delivering Business Intelligence and Data Analytics on Converged Systems

    Business intelligence and big data analytics workloads place high demands on the underlying infrastructure in terms of performance, capacity, reliability and security. In addition, the enormous growth of unstructured data and the Internet of Things (IoT) forces IT departments to embrace infrastructure solutions that are both cost efficient and simple to deploy. Continue Reading

  • Leveraging the New Economics of Converged Systems

    As business and IT leaders embrace digital transformation and Third Platform technologies such as cloud computing, mobility and big data analytics, they are facing a new reality in how IT infrastructure should be deployed and managed to serve the needs of the organization. Continue Reading

  • Where Digitization Meets Data Center Modernization

    Business and IT leaders recognize they must embrace digital transformation or put their organizations at severe risk. The advance of digitization has altered entire industries – think Amazon in retail, Netflix in home entertainment and Uber in transportation. This type of disruption will continue in the years ahead as organizations implement technology solutions that allow them to overhaul their business processes. Continue Reading

  • How Does the Dell/EMC Merger Affect the Market for Converged Systems?

    Now that the Dell and EMC merger is officially complete, it is time to look at how the deal will affect the market for converged systems. Prior to the merger, there has been a consistent rise in demand for convergence. Continue Reading

  • Simpler IT: From Building Blocks to Converged Systems

    Reducing IT complexity has become a mandate for companies in all industries. IT departments must eliminate the information and application silos common to legacy data centers if they hope to deliver on the cost savings and business agility required to compete in today’s business environment. Continue Reading

  • Improving and Accelerating DevOps Through Convergence

    In today’s business environment, software has become a critical differentiator in determining business success. A recent article in Harvard Business Review postulates that every business is a competitor on a software playing field, no matter what sector it is in. Continue Reading

  • Managing Opex by Cutting Power, Cooling and Physical Space Costs Through Convergence

    Remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites need just as much performance, security and availability from their infrastructures as headquarters-based data centers deliver. But those smaller entities are typically squeezed to keep down Opex while still delivering enterprise-class performance and service, despite having far fewer resources than IT teams in large data centers. Continue Reading

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